Addressing Cyber Instability Executive Summary

The executive summary is a precursor to the monograph surveying the field of cyber conflict and focusing on key recommendations across policy, strategy, military doctrine, and law.  It focuses on how cyberspace is an inherently unstable national security domain.  This affects alternative approaches and the role of non-state actors on defensive collaboration, such as waging proxy warfare on cyber battlefields, beyond national accountability or control.  The sources and consequences of an unstable cyber environment such as the low cost of entry, abundant access points, and the difficulty of attribution—alter traditional power calculations, strategy, and deterrence.  In such an unstable environment, the consequences of misinterpreted signals between nations may be catastrophic.

CCSA launched the executive summary in partnership with the Atlantic Council's Cyber Statecraft Initiative, with sponsorship from Intelligent Decisions and Cisco. Please visit the Atlantic Council website for video of the launch event.


Addressing Cyber Instability Monograph

The monograph fully delves into the issues articulated in the previously released Executive Summary. Concluding over two years of research and analysis, the chapters focus on specific concerns in cyberspace: strategy, military doctrine and organization, non-state actors, and alternative approaches. The monograph is concluded with a primer on the vulnerabilities of US critical infrastructure and cyber security aimed at policymakers. 

For more information about the research and conferences that occured leading up to the publishing of the executive summary and monograph click here.